Staking 2 M SPORTS~ Now 47+ M SPORT Power in My Account

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I just staked 2 millions more SPORTS to my Sportstalk account ( I really love the platform, so that I joined Sportstalksocial since the beginning and I keep staking SPORTS, and now I have already 47 M Sports staked. I hope I could stake more and more to reach 100 M Sports Power.


The life is like a race, and I like Sports since I have to do my best to win a game. I also like Sports because all Sports applied fair play. We always try to win a game, however we have to be fair in the same time.

Here the proof of my staking today. I hope you could stake more Sports as well. The Sports Price is now stable at around 0,00015-00020 Hive on Hive-Engine. By staking Sports, we just help to make Sports price more stable and would be up gradually.


Just leave a comment in this post. I will give you some upvote for your comments. The more interesting a comment, the more bigger Upvote I would give. Have a good day, Sports Men!

  1. Congratulations to you on this great achievement. This is a level I wish to get to one day and surpass.
  2. Do you plan on starting any project or supporting any project with this huge amount of sports? Like vote sportstalksocial and sportsburn account that sends sports to null.
  3. Any plan to start a contest, sensitization or awareness on sportstalk with your Sports

Very good idea. I am thinking about that. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

Not far behind you with 45 Million or so. I don't know if I will go for a 100 Million as not something I have thought about much but will see. Just keep staking and seeing how the community grows.

Yeah, we are on the same lap on the race. I am just 5 seconds leading.. 😀
If I earn rewards from post and curation about 100k Sport a day, it needs more than 1 year to reach 100m Sports Power

Same lap and just behind you. We have grown consistently over the last 6 months and it is great to be part of. we just need something to make it have a reason to stake besides just staking as that is pointless.

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That's definitely a great achievement and I think everyone is very happy to have someone who believes so much in this platform. You're truly a gem, buddy.

I suggest takinga look at Rabona, its a football managerial game where RBN (the currency) will be traded soon on Hive Engine. It's just a month since it started.

I just believe on platforms that were moving from Steem to Hive Blockchain. :)

Thanks for the info on Rabona

Looking forward to see you there! It's definitely a great Dapp, I can vouch.

Though I suck at the league on my first few games. Right now I'm getting the hang of it, winning most of the recent matches.


wow it is really great achievement, best of luck dear brother hope you will get your dream soon, best of luck, and superb congratulation on this great goal that you got

Thank you brother. I am glad to see you around here. Let’s go to Sports :)

Congratulations on the milestone! Happy to have you as a part of the community.

Thanks Patrick 😁

congratulations on the achievement.
I'm trying to grow my stake through curation as much as I can.
looking forward to the growth of sports community.

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Thanks @jzn. Happy to know that you will stake everything :)

You are doing a lot of sports every day ...

I walk soon a few days linear healing this is fantastic.

I congratulate you on your great goal.

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Thanks a lot @celi130 :)

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