The Long Road to Recovery

It took a long time for Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez to be recovering from their injuries. They have to struggle to have their fitness back since last season. After having surgery, they have to do many sessions of rehabilitiation. They have to make sure their injuries are handled well. We know that, it’s very difficult thing to experience. I hope they will be fit as soon as possible, then they would play again for The Reds when next season kick-off.



Liverpool really need Van Dijk to play. As we have seen that Liverpool was so difficult to win the Premier League last season, when Van Dijk and Joe Gomez were absent. As a Liverpool fan, I would be so excited to see van Djik play back for Liverpool. This season is pretty hard.


Lets hope he recovers fast and starts not only playing but scoring for liverpool snd makes it one of the powerful teams of sll time

I think it unavailability really affect his team... Hooefully he should be available for next season

Hopefully, I will be looking forward to his first game in next season, they need him out there.

Yeah, we hope Van Dijk would play his best next season

I strongly agree with you my dear and the Hope is strong

His absence really affect there team, hope for the next season bro for better performance

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We hope to have him back before the beginning of next season.

He is recovering now, I believe he will play soon

Van Dijk season was cut short due to the injury he sustained last season which limited him from playing so many matches last season,very happy coming back with his recovery process

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Yes. As liverpool fans, we are going to see him play again. He is a great important player for The Reds

Van Djik absence really season cost Liverpool last season. I hope the big man and Gomes recover right on time for the new season

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I wish them quickly recovering so that Liverpool can hold their stand again

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Wish him speedy recovery

i wish you quick recovery for quick football actions.

Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez have done a great job to get to where they are now, I'm sure they are doing everything possible to come back strong, I wish they return fit.

I believe this season is already over for him, though he is very much needed but he should prepare for the next season