After a long time I started playing splinterlands games again


I hope you are all well? I may be back among you again with the splinterlands game. I'll try to play splinterlands. But for the time being I can't play splinterlands games just like that. Time is short for me but I am still trying to play the game. I went up to Silver at one point. Now I am back in Novice. Let's see if we can reach that silver again. I got this card from Earth for the first time today. I like to start all over again.


I like to play with Life and fire Quest now. I used to love playing with Fire Quest. Now I play mostly with Fire and Life Quest. Because if I play with two Quest, the chances of winning are higher.

I get a reward-box after completing 5 courses. I get a card after opening the reward box. Receiving the card, I am glad


Dear friends,

if you don't know about blockchain gaming, I think Splinterlands is the best blockchain for gaming platform. You must first invest $10, then be allowed to play the game. You can play your account stronger if you invest more dollars.

  • So Splinterlands is a game from which you can make money.


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