Christiano Ronaldo did nothing wrong picking a bottle water over coca-cola drink (see why)

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billion after Cristiano Ronaldo‘ viral press conference stunt at Euro 2020.


In a viral video that has sent social media users into a frenzy, Ronaldo picked up the two Coca-Cola bottles and put them out of sight before holding up his water bottle and saying: “Drink water.”

I personally see CR7′ action from a different angle. I don’t think he has demarketing coca cola in mind in doing that. He may not have anything in mind.

Pogba has done the same thing to Heineken, did you know? See picture below


Regular consumption of Coca-Cola drinks can lead to higher blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. But water doesn’t.

If we can be truthful to ourselves, you’ll agree with me that,

Cristiano Ronaldo Did Nothing Wrong Picking A Bottle Water Over Coca-Cola Drink

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I agree with you as well

I don't think either of the two people you mentioned had I'll intention concerning the products

Water is essential, too much Coca-Cola isn't

Yes they had no bad intention is just natural but the public got them wrong.
Thanks for coming through

Thanks for coming through

You are welcome dear

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