Are You Giving The Attacker An Opportunity To Attack You?

Do you think attackers choose a random guy to attack? The attacker has fear, he also does not want to get in trouble. The attacker usually chooses someone who is an easy target. He makes the decision quickly observing the victim.

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Something happens, maybe that's not your fault, that's an accident. The attacker gets angry and very aggressive. When the attacker sees that you are afraid and cannot do much to defend yourself, he decides to strike you.

But when you talk with confidence, that shows in your body language. That gives an indication to the attacker that if he does something silly, he cannot get away with that easily. It is not that everything has to end up in a fight. When you are confident that you can handle the situation, you are calm and you get things under control.

People around you feel the vibes. The attacker might change his mind or if he attacks you, you can fight back and stop him.

The attacker's body language and movement give you hints of what he is going to do. Maybe the attacker takes off his shirt or puts his phone in his pocket. You see the attacker frees his hands, so you might expect that he can throw punches or do something to attack you.

If you do not expose yourself to the attacker, he might not get the chance to attack you. When people are having an argument, they usually come closer and shout. Getting close to the possible attacker without having any intention to attack him first gives him the opportunity to attack you.

People often expose themselves to the attacker in a situation like this. And when the attacker throws a punch, it becomes too late to defend that. So don't give the attacker any chance to attack you. That will act as the first line of defense.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now. Thank you for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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