Attacking Directly Without Saying Anything, What To Do?

We understand others hearing what they say. Their words matter. You can pay attention to their body language, attitude, and the way they hold themselves. If you get the chance to talk to the attacker, you might calm him down, divert him or give him what he wants. If you are being attacked directly, you are already in a fighting situation.

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In your martial art training, you learn different moves. And we wish we do not have to use those moves in real life for self-defense. If that's limited to sports, demonstration, there is no harm. When you participate in a fighting competition, you wear gloves and guards for protection. Everything goes according to the rules and it is under control.

When you are out on the street, shopping mall, office or, gas station, and you have to fight, that's totally different. Let's watch this video of what actually happened. A robber went to rob and the guy named Ibrahim who worked there fought to stop the robber.

The brave guy who fought to stop the robber has martial training. In a normal situation, it is better to give what he wants in case he has a weapon. Later, you can call the police and let them handle that.

The robber is stronger and bigger. In real life, this is what usually happens. The attacker has the advantage. He directly came to grab the cash. When Ibrahim did not let him take the cash, he started punching him. Then he fought to stop the robber.

When you are being attacked, the attack has some intention. In this situation, the attacker wants to rob. The sooner you understand the attacker's intention, the better and he can make your move to stop that.

If you have the confidence, you can fight back. Understanding your ability and intensity of the situation can help you make the right move. If you train a martial art that teaches you what to do in an intense situation under pressure, you are in a better position to defend yourself.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Lucky Ibrahim! He only had some bruise and black eye.

The attacker probably wasn't expecting a fight. He was expecting some easy cash.

However, I think, in real life, we shouldn't try to be hero if some financial loss may save our precious life. Sometimes, a fight with robber a end up with the killing of the shopkeeper.

Yes, that's the point. When someone tries to be a hero, he usually makes mistakes. We need to pay attention to the consequence when we deal with this kind of situation. Thank you very much @hafiz34for your comment!