Be Aware Of Improvised Weapons For Self Defense

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Anything that does not look like a weapon, but that can be used as an improvised weapon. When you fight for self-defense, you can use anything as an improvised weapon to protect yourself. How about if you are being attacked with an improvised weapon?

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Well, we usually don't think that way. What you can do, the attacker can do the same thing and put you in a vulnerable position. When we see a knife, stick, or gun, we get scared. But you might not pay attention to something that the attacker carries and suddenly he can attack you with that.

Again it comes to observation, risk assessment, and identify the threat. When you hear about this or read about this, you might think that is some cool stuff to talk about in self-defense. If you have any experience in self-defense, you know this is the real thing. And that's what you face or even do without consciously realizing it.

So how can you detect that the attacker is about to use an improvised weapon?

First of all, improvised weapons are weapons in disguise. So you might not understand instantly whether the attacker is going to use it or not. But you can be careful when you see something like this. You can see the attacker's body language, the way he moves, and especially holds the tool that can be used as an improvised weapon. You can watch this video just to see how a beer bottle is used to attack.

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Not only a beer bottle, but it could also be any tool or object that the attacker can use to hit you. When you have a bottle and you drink, you grab the bottle in a different way. When you intend to attack someone with that bottle, you hold the same bottle in another way.

If you watch the video carefully, you see how the guy switches his hand and holds the beer bottle before attacking. From that point, he can move forward to attack, or if someone who intends to attack is in an attacking range, he can attack from right there. In this case, the person he intended to attack moved forward and he just attacked him from there with that beer bottle.

So what do you think about improvised weapons? Do you practice how to defend against improvised weapons in your martial art training? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Even a paper magazine or a folded newspaper can be used as a weapon, a blow with one of these things can be very powerful.

When you fold the magazine, it becomes hard. That can be used as a good improvised weapon for self-defense. How you use something and which part of the body you hit, that can have a big impact. I really appreciate someone's feedback especially someone who has a martial art background. Thank you so much @kraken99! :)

One of the improvised weapons I can think of is my keys - I always have them ready when being out alone at night and hoping it will at least hurt some potential attacker and he/she will let me go. But you never know how paralyzed you will be when something happens. The other one may be probably an umbrella...

Yes, keys are always with us and so is an umbrella. You can make more impact when you use this as a weapon. We never expect to fight for self-defense. But the thing is, we don't know if that happens. It is always better to know what to do and how to defend yourself. Thanks a lot @loulou1987 for taking the time to read my post and giving your feedback!

In a fight everything around you can be used as a weapon

Yes, if you know what to do and how to use something as an improvised weapon. Thank you for your comment!

Excelent good job