Body Grab - What To Do To Defend Yourself

If you can move freely, you can do a lot of things in a fight. No one is holding you, so you can make your move the way you want. But when you cannot move freely because someone grabs you, you might be in trouble.

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When the attacker is in front of you and grabs your body, you feel like you are stuck there. Let's watch this video and see the situation. If the attacker just grabs your body without your hands, your hands are free and you can strike the attacker.

But in this situation, you cannot move your hands much. You need to understand the situation to make your move effectively. If this is something very serious, you will act accordingly.

You can do head butt and hit the attacker as soon as the attacker grabs you. By the way, if you sense that the person who is in front of you is an attacker, you will not let him get close to you in the first place. You will stop the attacker right there, as a result, the attacker cannot get close to you to grab your body.

If you do not realize that, and the attacker has already grabbed you, you can attack him being in that position. Besides doing head butt, you can hit his toes with your heel. Just lift your leg little up and hit the attacker's toes. It will be very painful. Even the attacker grabs you tightly, he cannot grab you that hard.

And that's the moment, you can get rid of his grip. Move him back to make some distance and hit his groin with your knee. After that, you do not have to do much, I think. You can also follow what the video shows. Move your leg back to the attacker's leg, grab and throw him on the ground.

Hope you found this useful. Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Wow. Awesome technique. This one really helps.