Can You Throw The Attacker Down Like This?

If the attacker has his body balance, you will find it difficult to make the attacker fall on the ground. Sometimes you see that martial art master throws his opponent down easily. The master knows very well how to lose the opponent's balance, that's why it seems easy.

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Before throwing the attacker down, you strike or position yourself in such a way so that the attacker fails to keep his body balance. Here you have to pay attention to how the attacker stands and you can make your move based on that.

Let's watch this video and talk about self-defense. Slap is a very common strike. When someone slaps you, his hand moves up and then is about to his you to the side. You can do outside parry or palm slap parry as a defense.

If you are not fast enough, the attacker might have already hit you before you block the slap. It is always better if your hands are up in a way that is not obvious that you are ready to attack and defend. You can make your move fast to defend against a slap from that position.

Now pay close attention to how the attacker stands while slapping (in the video). The attacker slaps with his right hand when his left leg is forward and his right leg is back. You can defend the slap like that, but if you are going to make the attacker fall on the ground like this, you will find it difficult to do that.

The attacker has his body balance in the direction you are trying to make him fall. If you are going to make the attacker fall in the opposite direction, you can easily do that. One thing to be noted here, whenever you want to throw the attacker down, you have to get close to the attacker. And if you fail to lose the attacker's balance, the attacker can attack you from there.

So what do you think about throwing someone down like this? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Hope you found it useful. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Wow this life reality inspiration, moving closer to the attacker you need to be very very focused and well determine because if you lost the focus the attacker will fall you down. Thanks for sharing this inspiration with us .... If there fight or no fight always guiding.....

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When you get in to strike, you should have more control. Otherwise, the attacker can take over the situation and you will find it difficult to protect yourself. Thank you for your feedback!