Can You Use This Technique Against Bear Hug From Behind?

You can use different techniques against a particular attack in order to defend yourself. When you practice with your friend/partner, it seems some technique will work. But do they really work when you are being attacked?

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In this post, I will share my opinions about a specific technique against a bear hug from behind. Let's watch this video and we will talk about it soon. Let me clear that here what I'm going to express that's my opinion. You can have a different opinion, and I respect that.

When the attacker grabs you from behind aka, bear hug, he can do that without holding your hands. In that case, your hands are free, so you have more options. However, when the attacker grabs you with your body hands, you will find it difficult to move your hands.

The attacker grabs you to move you, stop you, or hurt you. He will be aggressive and try to control your body. That's why you see that the attacker moves you left or right after a bear hug.

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You see in the video that the instructor grabs the attacker's hands and throws him to the ground. First of all, if the attacker grabs you a little low, you cannot raise your hands, so it would be difficult to grab the attacker's hand.

Even if you move your hands up and grab the attacker's hands, you cannot grab his hands tight. Controlling the attacker's body to throw him like that would be very difficult only by grabbing hands like this. So there is a high chance you will fail to release yourself using this technique.

If you are stronger and bigger than the attacker, you can do things using your strength, maybe you can use your strength and power to throw the attacker, but I think most people will not find this self-defense technique useful. I'm talking about that specific technique, not any other technique showed in other videos.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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This guy has better approaches ...

I will add one more.

Awesome video. As a female practitioner however who does not have the same upper body strength but very good hip and leg strength. I'd like to suggest one more approach. Step back like you did in the first move and then drop to the horse stance and throw your assailant over your hip. This will bring your opponent to the ground, give you front striking advantage and with gravity, and may allow you to remain standing.

I like the way he locks the attacker's leg while controlling the situation.

He feels he is stronger than you, he controls you. Allow him that illusion.

What he said, that's very practical. And you can use that illusion to trick the attacker and save yourself.

Thanks a lot @prydefoltz for sharing this video.

Wow.... This is so amazing. I think this is the he greatest move I have had today. Thanks so much for sharing.