Choke Defense - Can You Do That?

Sometimes which technique works better depends on what situation you are in and how severe that is. If the attacker grabs your hand, the collar of your shirt, or hair, you are not going to die. The attacker can force you or move you here and there. But if the attacker grabs your throat, this is totally different.

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If you do not do something when someone grabs your throat, you might not breathe later. Let's watch this video and talk about its effectiveness when it comes to self-defense. If the attacker just grabs your throat and does not put any pressure, you can try this technique to get rid of that.

The thing is when someone grabs your throat, he is not going to touch your throat, he will put pressure on your throat. As soon as the attacker puts pressure, you will find it hard to breathe. That time you will probably fail to generate power in order to hit the attacker's hand that showed in the video.

Even you strike and hit the attacker's hand, but he does not let you go and keeps grabbing your throat, you will have a big problem. If someone chokes you, you should remove the attacker's hand from your throat as soon as you can. That should be your first priority. Then you can strike the attacker or do whatever you want.

In case someone grabs the collar of your shirt or puts a hand on your chest, you can use the technique that showed in the video. It will not make you stop breathing when someone grabs the collar of your shirt. This is not that dangerous compared to choke. Hope you get the point.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience about this. Do you think it would be effective against choke? Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Wow. You really got me in on this one. That's means not even a chance should be given for one to grab the throat. So dangerous. Thanks for sharing.