Divert The Attacker's Force

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You can strike directly or make your move directly, that would be a force against force. Sometimes it is better not to go against the force in a fight. If you are stronger than the attacker, you can make your move and go against the force. So what if the attacker is stronger and bigger than you are?

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You can divert the attacker's force and then counter-attack. Here you do not go against the attacker's force directly. You just move its direction and defend yourself. For example, we can talk about defense against the push.

The attacker pushes you with both hands. If he touches your body and is able to push you, you will not stay in the position. Now you might get hurt seriously if you fall down on the ground.

To defend yourself against the push, you can use your hands to move the attacker's hands to the side and at the same time, you move to the side and change your position. Then you can strike the attacker.

I found a video on YouTube where they show it very well. You can watch this video. Well, I do not understand the language that they are speaking. What they showed in the video, that's excellent! Love and respect all martial art instructors who make content to teach people.

If somehow you cannot move and divert the attacker's hands, you should move back immediately and maintain your body balance. When you move back, the attacker's force will not be that effective on you.

From there, you need to step forward to counter-attack. But when you divet the attacker's hands and move to the side, you are in a good position to strike and hit the attacker.

Hope you found this post useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Wow... I always love reading this. It's better to know how to divert force, it's always a nice chance to strike and win. Thanks bro.