Effective Ways To Control The Distance In A Fight

You cannot strike the attacker or you find it difficult to defend the attacker's strike and counter-attack. It can happen if you fail to control the distance. It is so important that it is a single thing if you are good at, you can do much better in a fight.

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You can strike but you will not be able to touch the attacker's body if he is not in the attacking range. On the flip side, the attacker gets in close range and strikes you. You fail to defend against his moves. How about if you control the distance in a fight?

You see the attacker gets close to you in order to attack you. You can kick and stop him there. His legs can be the target. As soon as the attacker steps forward, you can kick to the attacker's knees. He has to move back, otherwise, he will get hit and then move back.

You can also kick just above the knee. You can do front kicks and hit on the stomach. But when you do high kicks, there is a chance the attacker can grab your leg. If the attacker is a good fighter, he might do that. Kicking low is safe as well as effective.

Your footwork can save the day. You can move to the side and back so as to make the distance. Use the distance to protect yourself and get close to the attacker when you strike him.

Strike the attacker with a strong defense. Don't give the attacker a chance to hit you. You can just use the distance to fail the attacker's attempt to attack you. You will have more control when you control the distance.

So what do you think would be effective to control the distance in a fight? Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now. Thank you for reading this post.

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