Grabbing and Pulling Hair

Someone grabs your hair and you do not feel any pain, that means that person does not grab your hair tight. If someone grabs your hair tightly, you will feel the pain. This situation gets worse when the attacker starts pulling after grabbing your hair. This is more painful.

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You think you will punch the attacker or kick the attacker. But in reality, if you want to kick or punch the attacker and the attacker wants to avoid that, he can easily do that. The attacker can basically control your body movement.

Even if you try your best to strike the attacker, and the attacker moves your head here and there, you can not strike him properly. When it comes to defending yourself against hair grab and pull, first of all, stop the attacker from controlling you easily. You just grab the attacker's hand that holds your hair.

Now you can kick the attacker, do palm strikes, punch him or do whatever you want. You can watch this video where it shows how to defend against this. In the first technique, it shows kicking the attacker after grabbing hair. You can definitely do that.

The attacker might be drunk or for some reason does not feel the pain of your strike. He might still grab your hair. So if the attacker still grabs your hair tight after striking, striking the attacker's hand may not make him let you go.

In that situation, you can grab and put pressure on the back of his palm with fingers. You will see the attacker's grip is not that tight and then move his hand from your hair.

Hope you found this useful. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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