Grabbing and Pulling The Neck

If someone grabs your neck, what can you do? Well, when someone puts his hand around your neck to grab, stop him right there. The attacker is about to grab you, if you do not let the attacker grab your neck properly, you will have the advantage.

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You can make your move before grabbing your tight. Once the attacker has already grabbed your neck and started pulling you, stop the attacker from pulling your neck. You can watch this video to see what we are talking about.

In case the attacker is able to get your neck close to his body, you can find it hard to defend yourself. You can do what showed in the video to defend against that attack. I suggest grabbing the attacker's hand as soon as he puts his hand on your neck.

When you grab the attacker's hand, he will find it difficult to pull your neck. Even if the attacker is successful in pulling your neck, your other hand is free. You can hit his groin. Then you can remove his hand from your neck and get rid of that. Or, you can grab the attacker's legs and make him fall on the ground.

The key point is, you need to make your move as fast as you can. Don't wait until the attacker grabs your neck tight. In case there are multiple attackers, other attackers will get close to you in order to strike you.

So you have to get rid of this quickly and face other attackers. When someone grabs your hair and neck, he basically controls your body movement. You need to be aggressive and stop the attacker right there before putting you in a vulnerable position.

So what do you think? Please feel free to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I was tempted to read this post because of the attractive photo that you have attached here. This is a real good way to make the post. I agree with one aspect of your post that when a person attacks your neck and hair he controls your body movements.

That's why if you try to do something to strike the attacker, that might not work unless you stop taking control. Thank you for reading the post.