Grabbing Arms From Behind, What To Do?

You can see behind when you move your head. If there is a reflection in front of you, you can take a look behind your back without turning your head. Awareness is your best friend when it comes to self-defense.

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If you sense that someone is following you, you will be more careful. Knowing someone is getting close to you from behind, you will not stand quietly. Once you turn and face the attacker, he cannot attack you from behind.

Somehow you are distracted or you do not know what's going on and the attacker grabs your arms, you may find it difficult to get rid of this. First of all, you cannot see the attacker and the attacker will not go easy on you. He will use his full power to grab you and make sure that you cannot move.

If you are stronger than the attacker, of course, you can use your power against the attacker to get rid of this. To defend yourself against grabbing arms from behind, you have to keep your body balance. You will not be in control if you lose your balance.

So make sure you do not lean back while the attacker is grabbing your arms. Your legs are free. You can hit the groin. While putting your leg down after hitting the groin, you can hit the attacker's toes. It can happen in one motion.

No matter how strong the attacker is, he will get weak once he is in pain. You can use that moment to release yourself. Do something that is unexpected gives you advantages.

You cannot move because the attacker grabs you tight. If you move, the attacker's body also moves. You can suddenly lean forward and throw the attacker to the side. You can watch this video. It can also work if the attacker does not know what you are about to do.

Hope you found it useful. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Thanks you in all you classes of self defense it teaches me a lot and I've come to be more careful with things in my environment.
This is always useful.

This is nice I love all ur point in facing ur attacker from behinde it is never easy if ur attacker is the first to grab u

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