Grabbing Neck From Behind

Bad guys show their power and dominance in different ways. When the attacker attacks you, he thinks he is more powerful and there is nothing you can do. You are weak and he can get away with whatever he does.

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The way the attacker talks, and behaves shows his intentions. If the attacker's intention is to hurt you, he can make any excuse to attack you. What should you do if the attacker grabs your neck from behind?

When the attacker grabs your neck from behind, he definitely thinks that he is more powerful and you are an easy target. You might not do anything to protect yourself. Since the attacker grabs your neck, he has control of your body movement. First of all, you need to take control or do something so that he cannot control your movement easily.

You can grab the attacker's hands that hold your neck. Now it would be difficult for him to control your body movement. You can also apply this technique that shows in this video. To apply this technique, you have to grab the attacker's hands first, move your leg back and then lower your head while moving your entire body behind the attacker

You can strike the attacker when you get released from his grip. The attacker will automatically release you if you use this technique. If you want to control the attacker's body, do not just hold the attacker's hand after releasing. You should move the attacker's hand up and put pressure, otherwise, the attacker can get out of there.

You can blend the attacker's wrist and put pressure. In this way, you can control the attacker. You have to do this fast and don't let the attacker know what you are about to do.

Hope you found this useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I don't know what I would do in that situation, but thanks for the tips. I think your instinct kicks in, and I think I would use my legs in this situation and kick backwards (if he/she is standing behind me), even if this isn't the right technique in the moment, you just panic and do whatever first comes to mind.

You can grab the attacker's hands and kick as well. Whatever you do, you should do it fast. Thank you @notak for taking the time to read this post and sharing your thoughts!