Holding Neck and Hand From Behind To Push Against The Wall

You are in a place where you do not have many options to do something, attackers use that situation to attack you. For example, you are in a corner, there are walls behind and beside you. If you want to move, you cannot move to the side or move back. The attackers punch you consistently.

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If you do not do anything, the attackers will not stop. At least you have to move your hand forward, start striking or defending. Sometimes attacking can be the best defense. You might start attacking instead of defending the attackers' strike.

What can do you if the attacker grabs your neck and hand from behind and pushes you against the wall? Let's watch this video to see what it looks like. Since the attacker grabs your one hand and neck, your other hand is free.

You can use your hand to grab the attacker's hand that holds your neck. The attacker usually puts pressure on your neck, so if you move the attacker's hand from your neck, you can release yourself.

You can grab the attacker's one or two fingers and put pressure. He has to move his hand from your neck. Then you can strike you. You can also follow the techniques that show in the video. You need to do that fast, otherwise, the attacker can make it difficult to apply that or hit you while doing that.

Hope you found this useful. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. That's it for now. Thank you for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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My thoughts us always that if I should mistakenly engage in a fight with someone outside I will be like watching Jackie Chan movie is enough for I should be able to do those technics and skills he perform in the movie but I know one day that thought will give me wound but I trust myself I will never engage in any fight even if the opponent is forcing I will always come in peace I can't come and kill myself
You are doing well bro nice work