How Effective Is It To Do Flying Kick?

There are martial art moves that look amazing. You will also see art that does not have practical implication in a fight. You can see different moves in demonstration as well as martial art action movies that make you surprised. You are just wondering how they did that.

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If we talk about flying kick, it looks great on camera. You do flying kicks and hit bad guys on movies. We also see spinning kicks, you feel that kick spins more before hitting the target. ;) Looks awesome anyway!

Yes, flying kick is very good for movies. There are some moves that is difficult to catch on camera. To make it look better, they make that move in a wide range just to show what is going on.

While Jet Li was acting on a movie and fighting, he was requested to show his moves because it was difficult to catch on camera. He was very fast. By the way, it was that time technology, not today's technology and camera.

So flying kick is very effective for movies. When you fight for self-defense, will you do flying kick? If you hit the attacker without doing flying kick, you might not want to jump to kick. In case there is something on the ground that prevents you from hitting the attacker, you can do flying kick to hit the target.

For some reason if flying kick gives you some advantages in a situation you are in, flying kick will be effective. Otherwise, you might not do flying kick when your life is in danger. You will be under pressure, you want to make only those moves that are highly effective to defend yourself.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Very effective if you are fighting a bird ... lol:)

Fighting with a bird... lol... I didn't think about that.
Maybe the evil birdman. :D

It always struck me (ha ha) that a flying kick would be a good way to end up on the ground due to the conservation of momentum...

If someone is being hit while doing flying kick, he might not land on the ground properly. ;)