Is He Putting His Phone Away?

I wish I knew what was coming. You might tell that yourself after you are being attacked. If you can identity pre attack indicators, that will help you a lot to defend yourself. Sorry to say but even if you know how to parry and block, you will fail to defend yourself unless you can detect the pre attack indicators.

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Well, that's easy. When the bell rings or you hear the sound begin, your opponent will start fighting. If you fight in a fighting competition, that's easy, my friend. Even when you see someone stands in a fighting stance, you can expect that he is about to attack you.

In a fight for self-defense, you might not see it like this. You know it if you have any experience of being in a situation or you saw something happening in front of you. This is not just a single behavior that gives you indication, it is a series of indicators.

If the attacker fists his hands, you can guess that he is getting ready to punch you. The attacker might adjust his clothes or sometimes you see the attacker takes off his shirt. By the way, sometimes people take off their shirt and shout to show that they can attack you. But that can be a way to threaten you.

You need to identify whether it is just show off or it is real. The attacker likes to make his hands free. So you see he might put his phone away or if he holds something, he gets rid of that first so that he can attack you.

Hiding hands behind can also be a pre attack indicator. You might see the attacker is very aggressive and moves a lot. You might also notice completely opposite behavior. The attacker is calm and quiet. He does not do much. You need to be more careful in this situation when you see the attacker is very calm. You can be attacked at any time.

Making more space and looking back are also some common pre attack indicators. The attacker might make more space to throw a punch. When the attacker looks back, he might check out whether someone is watching it or not. Remember that the attacker might do something to confuse you as well.

When you are more aware of pre attack indicators, you will have a good idea of what is coming next. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Well I'm not a fighter, I even run from that to avoid total mess on my face but with this any day I mistakenly get into one I hope I can predict attack moves.

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If you sense the danger, it is better to get out of there before anything happens.
What I talked about in the post, it is about how to detect the pre attack indicators so that someone can position himself to defend and counter-attack as a defense. Thank you for your comment!

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Thank you for the advice, I will surely run to safety than fight.

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 2 months ago Reveal Comment

I started this post with initial thoughts when someone is being attacked. There would be a series of indicators. Yes, you can see and get indication watching face. Again as I said,

Remember that the attacker might do something to confuse you as well.

The attacker can look somewhere and hit somewhere else. Thank you for your feedback!