Make Barriers For The Attacker

If someone is an easy target, the attacker can attack him or her easily. When you fight, you should make it difficult for the attacker to attack you. The more barriers you can make, the better. The attacker will have to deal with that in order to reach you.

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If you see a fighting match, you see fighters keep their hands up while fighting. Even when you fight for self-defense, it is better to keep your hands up, of course, not like that shows your obvious intention that you are ready to fight and defend yourself.

When you keep your hands up, you make the barrier. Your hands are ready to block and parry the attacker's strike. Not only that, you are ready to counter-attack pretty fast.

Your fighting stance also creates that barrier. You are standing in the side, so you are not fully exposed to the attacker. Your front hand is up to defend the attacker's strike. Your rear hand is usually up to the chin. If somehow the attacker is able to trap your front hand, your rear hand is ready to defend and counter-attack.

In case the attacker has weapons, do you have anything that you can use to make the barrier. For example, the attacker has a knife. If you have a stick, you can hit the attacker from distance, it creates a barrier and makes it difficult for him to get close to you.

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Ok, we don't walk outside having a stick. Do you have anything else that you can use to make the barrier? How about an umbrella? If you don't have an umbrella, maybe you have a bag. You can use the bag for the time being as a barrier.

If you can put any object between you and the attacker, that can also make the barrier. When you move behind a pillar or wall, that acts as a barrier. These are just some examples that can be used as a barrier to defend yourself. Don't just stick to this, you can use a lot of things in a fight as a barrier.

So what do you think about making barriers in a fight? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I must admit that you really have a good nack of writing about martial arts in a very simplistic manner. I understood a small trick here. Create more barriers for attackers