Mental Health In Covid-19

During the lockdown, we had to stay at home, and we did not have many options to go outside and did things as usual that we used to do. Now we do not have lockdown but since coronavirus spreads again in winter, no one knows if we have to have the same situation again.

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To stay safe, it is better to avoid the crowd, wear a mask, and keep the distance. When we cannot go outside and have to stay at home, it affects us mentally and can arise mental issues. You cannot give less importance to mental health in order to stay healthy.

Maybe you can easily accept and stay at home without any problems. I see people and probably you also see that there are some people who get used to going out and hanging out with other people so much that it seems they cannot breathe if they stay at home.

Now there is no alternative to using the internet to keep in touch with your friends and other people. We have to get used to it. Well, you might eat, live and breathe online, but for people who do not use the internet, that's a totally new world to them.

Glad to see many people who do not get used to using the internet uses the internet for interaction, communication, and fulfill other needs. You can help other members of your family use the internet if they do not feel comfortable with it. In this way, we can help to live a normal life even in a lockdown situation.

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As we know, when you have a healthy body, you have a healthy mind. You should make some arrangements to get your body moving. You can do exercise, yoga, meditation, or whatever you like at home. You can do the workout with your brothers, sisters, spouse, kids, and parents. It would be more fun when you do exercise as a group. You all can stay healthy and fit both physically and mentally.

So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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Good point. We can use internet to interact and utilize the free time. But at the same time, we need to keep in our mind that internet, laptop, computer have negative impact on our life as well, especially on a growing child. So, if in any household, there are growing toddlers or children, we need to minimize the use of smartphone, laptop, internet etc.
We need to concentrate on giving time with them, playing with them.

That's my thought.

We need to be more careful to raise kids, especially in this situation. It is winter now. So there is a chance to spread coronavirus. Giving your time to your kids is the best thing that you can do as a parent. You can play with your kids. I'm sure it will remind you of your childhood. :)

Yes many. Who care. Many here don't believe it

People who ignore this, maybe it might be too late when they finally realize it.

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