Parry and Block Against Punches - Basics

When you learn to parry and block for the first time, you should focus on getting it right. Move your hands and practice slowly. You do not need to do it fast. Just take your time and do exactly the way your instructor shows you.

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After getting used to moving your hands in the right direction to parry and block, you can add speed. Now practice parry and block fast. All this time, you do this on your own. This is shadow practice.

Imagine someone is punching you and you are moving the attacker's hands by doing parry and block. When you are good at practicing on your own, you can ask your training partner to practice with you.

You need to know how it feels like blocking a punch. Ask your partner to punch you and you will parry and block to defend against punches. Sparring is very important, otherwise, you cannot test your skills what you are learning.

Punch mainly can come in two directions to hit you. One, the attacker can do a straight punch, so it will come to hit you directly. You can parry and move to the outside. When you parry and you are outside, it is safer and from there, you have the advantage to strike the attacker. You can move back to the attacker since you are outside while doing parry.

Two, the punch can come in a circle. To defend this punch, you can parry inside. Make sure your other hand is up and you are ready to defend the attacker's other strike. From there, you can punch him, do palm strikes. If you get too close to the attacker, you can do elbow strikes as well.

Hope you found this useful. Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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