Reaching 32 Million SPORTS Stake

I read a post about SportsTalkSocial and that day this tribe launched. There were some tribes back then, SportsTalkSocial was the only tribe that talks about sports. People joined this platform and they were excited to make posts about sports and interact with others.

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I'm passionate about martial arts and love to talk about it. So I started making posts about martial arts and its application for self-defense.

I got some awesome feedback, a dad made a comment saying he wants his little daughter to learn martial arts. He also talked to the martial art instructor. His daughter was very young, so he had to wait and when she grows up, she will learn a martial art.


Thank you very much everyone for your support and for being with me on this journey. Now my SPORTS stake reaches 32 million. You see SportsTalksocial initiatives and how things are moving forward. I see some people who were not active, now they are active again. That's good. You can also see new faces and we will see more people in the future.

Hive Engine stepped into decentralization and you are aware of the upcoming developments. SportsTalkSocial supports that introducing Sportswitness. It is fascinating to see how this tribe embraces decentralization.

Your voice matters and when you support any proposal casting your vote, that will implement. It gives the power back to the community. The potential for growth is huge and I'm really excited to see what SportsTalkSocial comes up with next.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. That's it for now. See you around!

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Congratulations on reaching 32 million. I have yet to reach 1% of what you have staked but I think I will reach it eventually over time.

Consistent effort can do wonders. One day you will be surprised to see your SPORTS stake. :)

@rezoanulvibes that is the benefits of passion....the passion you have for sports made you to reach that high success and be able to get determined to reach such a high stake.....congratulations sir....

So true. If you are passionate about something, you can do that even when you go through a tough time. People can talk about any sport they like. This is the platform for all sports lovers and players out there.

We have been here a while now and good to see you growing consistently. I heard about it only a month or two later so I was also happy as sports is my passion.

Time flies so fast. When you do something you love and enjoy, you don't realize how fast time goes. Yes, we have been here a while. You are very consistent and the way you raise your voice for this platform, that's praiseworthy. Thank you. :)

You can say that again. Consistency is what many lack in pursuing a dream. You too have been consistent with your content.

You both with Razak has been my motivation to stay and invest here. Each time I looked at your stakes and that you were not powering down, I knew there is hopw for the tribe.

I remember when you focus more on this platform. Since then, you just keep going with high speed and consistently. I read posts where someone says he gets involved and pays more attention to SportsTalkSocial by reading your posts. Thank you @uyobong.sports for everything.

Congratulations @rezoanulvibes. I am a believer in Sports token just like you. The best is yet to come.

Thank you,

The best is yet to come.

I completely agree with that. If we stay together as a community, we can do much better.

congratulation and definitely sport tribe is future....

Thank you, @luckyali. This tribe is for everyone. Anyone can get involved in this tribe as a content curator or content creator.

Congratulations man for staying true to this tribe. Reaching that stake is no mean thing.

Thank you @uyobong.sports. You're doing great staking SPORTS. Glad to see you on the top. :)

If ever the price of SPORTS Reach 1$, you will be a millionaire! Congratulations bro. 👏

It would be always better if we all can grow. SportsTalk community is getting stronger. Everyone is welcome here.

A many congratulations for reaching the mark of 32 million sports power.
I am aslo staking the sports power and love the coin. The last powerup challenge was awesome and helps a lot as many people staked the coins, which directly help the coin evaluation. When we can expect the next powerup challenge....

Thank you @mk992039. People are staking SPORTS tokens. HIVE price hits $0.40, but SPORTS holds its position strongly. I just made and published a video about this.