Should You Pull Your Hand To Defend Against A Wrist Grab?

When you see any danger or someone is attacking you, you do something to protect yourself. That's the normal reaction. Everyone has the right to defend himself/herself. What we usually do as a normal reaction, that might not always work as a defense.

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If someone grabs your wrist and you want to release your hand from his grip, you usually pull your hand. The attacker will grab you hard when you try to release your hand. Simply pulling your hand will not help you get rid of the attacker's grip.

If the attacker is stronger than you are, it is quite difficult to get rid of that by pulling your hand. So what can you do to defend yourself against a wrist grab?

Instead of pulling your hand, you can move your hand in a circle. Make sure when you move your hand in a circle, you do that against the attacker's thumb. Let's watch this video. What technique showed in this video, that's effective for self-defense. You can apply that even against a stronger and bigger opponent.

Let's break it down. When the attacker grabs your hand from behind. You turn back and then move your move toward the attacker's thumb. You are using your whole force against the attacker's thumb, so the attacker will not be able to hold you anymore.

Then you can grab the attacker's hand and make him fall on the ground that showed in the video. You can do a lot of things after releasing your hand. You can strike and hit the attacker directly. You can do elbow strikes and kick or whatever you like.

Simply pulling your hand as a defense against a wrist grab will not work. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading the post.

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