SPORTS Price Shows Green Again

Maybe you think what if the price always shows green. Well, that usually does not happen. The price does not move in a straight line. The price usually goes up and then falls, again goes up even if it is an upward trend.

SPORTS Price Going Up.PNG

In the chart, you see that SPORTS price kept decreasing for a couple of days. It shows green for the last 3 days. The lowest price for this time was 0.00023 HIVE and it was on February 10, 2021. Since then SPORTs price started rising again.

On Feb 11, SPORTS opening price was 0.00027 HIVE and the closing price was 0.000291 HIVE. The highest price on February 12 was 0.00037 and then it went down to 0.000291 HIVE. On February 13, SPORTS opening price was 0.000339 HIVE, the highest price was 0.00047 HIVE. And the closing price of that day was 0.00034 HIVE.

SPORTS price_Feb 13.PNG

Now SPORTS buy order is 0.00034 HIVE and the sell order is 0.00038 HIVE. If you take a look at the SportsTalkSocial, you will notice new initiatives. This tribe has its own Hive Engine witness named Sportswitness and support decentralization in Hive Engine.

New opportunity.PNG

I was reading posts and got to know about Diesel Pools and Hive Engine's upcoming development. It is very exciting to see how Hive Engine positions itself. It will bring new opportunities. And SportsTalkSocial Founder @patrickulrich pays close attention to it. We can see the new proposals in the future.

By the way, in case you have not read the proposal for advertising changes, you can read this, cast your vote and express your thoughts. I also made a post about it.

Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. See you around!

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Do you have more information about the Diesel pools? I have heard it being talked about, but I am not sure what it is all about. I think it may be a fee for using HE, but personally I think it is kind of tough to tell people that something free is no longer free.

Any link to the supposed diesel pool Incase it's something I'll like to read about.

I'd also recommend the weekly dev meetings. This will be something I will be organizing for us soon. Not so much dev meetings but I think we need a good board meeting, so to speak, where anyone can come and speak their mind on issues they feel need to be addressed. It might include devs who can listen, provide solutions in the form of proposals and build our community. Here's the most recent Hive Engine Weekly Dev Meeting:

Create it sounds great. We need more of the awesome inputs. We need to see SPorts up again!

Thanks for the links. I found those same posts when I saw a few more posts talking about the diesel pools. Patrick also explained to me what he understood during his VIMM streams. It gives a basic overview but it doesn't go into all the specifics of what goes on.

@rezoanulvibes thanks for sharing this wonderful update....

Having it's own Hive Engine witness is really interesting and a smart thing to do by helping with decentralization in Hive ...I expect the price of the sports token to keep appreciating in the future...

All efforts and initiatives have a positive impact and I think we will see a reflection on the SPORTS price.

The green ride just begun. More green days ahead. The best option with SPORTS is to stake and hodl.

I think so. Hope more green candles will appear in the chart. :)

I agree with this. That's why I stake everyday ;)

We need to have faith in sports in the long run. I'm happy as long as the price is cheap, and I'm happy when the price rises. I just want to build a strong community