Strength, Techniques and Intercepting The Intention

How can a person fight against multiple attackers and defend himself? If you combine all attackers' strength and power, that will surely more than the strength and power of a single person.

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Power, strength and size matter in a fight. But the thing is, this is not everything. You have strength, now how you use your strength in a fight, that can change the situation. When a martial artist makes his move, you use his power and strength, but he uses it in a specific direction.

That's where techniques come and you attack specific part of the attacker's body with a specific strike. You use your energy and power in such a way that put a stronger attacker in a weak position.

Understanding the overall situation can help you protect yourself. And when you understand the attackers' intention, you can intercept their intention. For example, if attackers intend to kidnap you, they will attack you and do anything to take you with them.

When you understand that, you have to fight keeping in mind that the attackers fail to kidnap you. You might get hurt but do not let them take you away from the spot. Once they are successful to kidnap you, the whole situation will change.

Then you have no control. They are the ones who can do anything at that situation. So when you fight for self-defense, you have to prevent the attackers from doing what they intend to do. If you can do that, you can protect yourself.

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Thank you for sharing this. Getting into a fight maybe intentional or unintentional so with this lesson above it is helpful for us to know what actions to take when we get into an unintentional fight and in other way round pick a fight we have advantage over.

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It is always better to avoid the fight, if you have to fight for self-defense, your training and knowledge can help you. Thank you for your comment!