Strike The Attacker Without Letting Him Know What You Are About To Do

When you strike, you want to hit the attacker. There is no point of strike if you are not able to hit the attacker. If you make some moves to confuse the attacker, that's exceptional. In case you make your move to confuse the attacker, your follow up strike would hit the attacker.

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So you want to make sure you are able to strike and hit the attacker. If you fight with someone who is a good fighter, you can confuse the attacker and do not let him understand what you are going to do next. That works sometimes. But do not use the same trick again. The attacker can easily catch that.

I have made a post about how to defend against punch and see the punch coming. You see the attacker and the attacker can also see your move. Practice punching from where your hands are. If you move your hand back and then throw a punch, it is easy to see the punch. And guess what? The attacker will not stand there to get hit. He will make his move immediately.

So don't pull your hand back to throw a punch. If you practice martial art, you usually get used to punching the right way. Still if you have a habit of pulling your hand back to punch, that will not do any good when you fight.

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Speed matters in a fight. If you punch or kick someone slowly, do you think you can hit anyone? The attacker will get a lot of time to move from there. As a result, you will not be able to touch his body, let alone hit him. Even you are strong and you put 100 percentage power on your strike, you will unable to touch the attacker's body if you are slow.

Surprise attack works very well if you do not want to let the attacker know what you are about to do. Whether you kick, punch, elbow strike or do any other strike, when you add the element of surprise, that works like a magic. You have already hit the attacker before the attacker understands your move.

So what do you think about this? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post. I hope you found this useful. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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In case you make your move to confuse the attacker, your follow up strike would hit the attacker.

What kind of fight are we talking here? There's more options than striking alone. If you confuse your opponent using fake strikes or simple jabs you could use the opportunity to close the distance and clinch or attempt a throw/takedown

Nice to see some martial art content on here, will follow. What's your background?

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Yes, when you confuse your opponent with fake strike, you can close the gap to strike some specific parts of the body that you intend or you can also takedown like you said. It can apply in a fighting competition as well as in a fight for self-defense. Thank you for taking the time to read the post.

Sure thing, it applies to self-defense as well as sports.. what's your take on this aspect? Do you think many fight sports are watered down because of sports competition and the Olympics?

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