Strike To Confuse Your Opponent

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When you are in a fight, every move that you make has a purpose. Even if the ultimate target is to strike and hit your opponent, it does not necessary that you have to hit with every strike.

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Sometimes you can strike to set up for the next strike. You can use different strategies in a fight. Of course, that's based on the situation and who you are fighting with. If you are fighting with someone who has some background, you cannot get away with simple and direct strikes.

When your opponent sees you are about to hit him, he knows how to block and fight back. You can strike just to let him respond. Whenever he raises his hand to bock, you might get some space to get in and hit with the next strike.

You can also follow the high low fighting strategy. You can strike high and quickly strike low. For example, you can do a low kick and then quickly do a high kick. Or, you are about to do a low kick and suddenly change the direction to your kick and strike high.

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If you fight for self-defense, sometimes you need to show that they are dealing with the wrong guy. Even the attackers do not want to get in trouble. They usually choose someone who seems vulnerable and they can easily dominate.

Don't be desperate to strike in a fight. That might lead you in the wrong direction and you might end up getting hit. So what do you think about strikes to confuse your opponent? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you so much for reading this post. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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I try to confused my opponent by playing soft and hard

That makes sense!

Agree on that! Just make sure before you strike, there's a definite plan on your next move. Your hit could be a faint, or an intro for a big blow, or it could be used to disrupt your opponent's strategy on his moves.

I totally agree

It is good to have a backup plan. If something does not work, you know what to do.

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