Take Control To Make Your Move

When you are restricted by something, you cannot make your move freely. You stand in a fighting stance and that gives you the advantage in a fight. You protect your body when you raise your hands up and at the same the, you are ready to parry and strike. You make distance between your legs and stand in a way you can make your move fast.

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Well, a fighting stance is not there to restrict your movement. When you learn martial art and you are at the beginning stage, you pay more attention to your fighting stance so that your hands, legs and posture are in right order.

You do not need to pay that attention to your fighting stance when you are at the advanced level because whenever you make any move, you are in a fighting stance automatically.

If the attacker grabs you and control your body movement, you need to take control of that first. Otherwise, even if you do something to get rid of the attacker's grip, the attacker will make it difficult for you and you may not be able to defend yourself.

For example, when the attacker grabs your hair, you can strike him directly. But since the attacker grabs your hair, he can pull your hair and move your body the way he wants. As a result, you cannot strike the attacker or hit him hard. Let's watch this video to see a specific thing.

The attacker grabs hair from behind. To defend against that, you should grab the attacker's hands first. Now he cannot move your body the way he wants. You are in control. You can turn and lock the attacker's hand like you see in the video. Or, you can simply turn and hold the attacker's hand and use other hand to strike him.

Taking control before going for a counter-attack is very important. Otherwise, you might fail to defend against some specific attack. So what do you think? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you so much for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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