The Most Important Thing About Defending Against A Gun

Speed matters. So how fast can you move? You might see somewhere or in movies that the hero is dodging the bullet. Everything is possible in a movie. As long as you love that, the producer is more than happy to make the movie.

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We are talking about defending against the gun. This is not a movie. If you have no training, it is better not to do something silly, otherwise, you will regret it later. If you want to disarm the gun, you and the attacker have to be at a certain distance.

If the attacker stands far away, you have little chance to disarm the gun. When you move towards the attacker, he will not forget to stop you right there. And if the attacker pulls the trigger, the rest would be history.

You might see self-defense like kicking the hand and the gun falls on the ground. It takes very little time to pull the trigger. So do you do think you can kick fast enough to hit the attacker's hand?

Even the attacker does not pull the trigger, he can move his hand, so you will miss the target. What if you kick and the attacker still holds the gun?

In case the attacker is close to you and you can reach the attacker with your hands. The most important thing about defending against a gun is to distract the attacker and take advantage of the moment to disarm the gun.

You can apply different techniques but if the attacker is fully aware and you fail to distract him, it would be difficult to make your move in order to disarm the gun. There is no way you can ignore the psychological aspects. So what do you think?

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Lol... This one is hard to do. Most attackers are point and shoot.

And if you can do something before that, it is always better.

Theirs a saying that " A gun is no more dangerous than a cricket bat in the hands of a madman." I'd better stay away from it. Better safe than sorry :)

Yes, if you can avoid and stay away from that, it is much better. Thank you for your feedback!

I could not even bare to look at it :). I'm scared

I think we are just better off not having the gun at all..but dont really want to start that debate. In the end the best defence against a gun is compliance with the person holding the gun... i.e. give them your wallet or do as they say..or..hide..that works too.

If the attacker is after your money, he might stop after getting that, but if he intends to hurt you, he will do that anyway. Thank you for your comment!