Think Twice Before Fighting Against Knife Attacks

No one wants to get in trouble. If possible, people try to avoid it. You did not do anything, but you become the target. When bad guys get an opportunity, they try to hurt others to get their own benefits.

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Most of the time, the attackers have the advantage when they attack you. They make sure you are in such a place you do not get help easily or attack you in such a way you cannot do much.

Let's watch this video. The intention of this video is to teach people about robbery scenarios and how to defend themselves. I respect that. You see a man is walking towards his car. When he is close to the car, the attackers come behind him.

Then one attacker puts a knife on his neck and grabs his arms. There are multiple attackers and they have knives. Since the attacker grabs his arms while putting the knife on this neck, it becomes more difficult to make his move.

Fighting back at that moment could be very dangerous. The attacker does not have to do much to make serious damage. All he has to do is to move his knife a little bit.

If you decide to fight, your focus should be moving the knife away from your neck first. You can hit with your elbow. The goal is to turn and grab the attacker's hand that holds the knife. Then you can strike him. Only striking without putting the knife away from your neck would be very dangerous. I would not recommend only strikes the way it shows (at the beginning) in the video.

You have to face others attackers as well. Never take your eyes off and even when it seems the fight is over, the attacker can attack you again. He did very well keeping eyes on attackers till the end of the fight. Otherwise, he could not do something to defend himself in the end.

Hope you found this useful. Thank you for reading this post. Please feel free to leave your comments below. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Thanks for sharing this top, I've not been in this type of situation and I don't wish to be in one though cos I don't know what I will do at that point.

For me in this kind of situation if the attackers have a knife 🗡️ on my neck and I sense the intention of the attackers is to rob me and not to kill me then I will let them have there way and safe my life for another day.

But if I know is an attack to kill me, then I will have to calculate my moves in other to remove the knife 🗡️ from my neck.

One strategy I will use which will work perfectly is time for a distraction that will make the attackers loose attention on his knife,then I will gain the chance to flip the knife and pave a way out.

Thank you.

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Even though someone knows how to defend against the knife in a situation like this, he should take advantage of the moment of distraction. Otherwise, it would be very dangerous to make any more.

This is a terrible situation to be in. One have to careful and really fast while taking the knife off the neck. Thanks for the defensive tip.

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Wish no one ends up in a situation like this.

You are right sir, struggling with attackers is very dangerous. they can cause damage to your car or can kill you, if you are not careful. Be wise.

Thank you for reading my post and your feedback!

A very interesting piece, get the knife off your neck first to avoid damage because any wrong move could lead to slicing of the neck.

Yes, safety for yourself always comes first. Thank you for your comment!