What If Someone Grabs Your Neck From Behind

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You face different situations in real life. Although you do our best to avoid possible danger, sometimes you just cannot avoid it. If someone grabs your neck from behind, what would you do?

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When someone grabs your hands, you can pull your hands. Still, you have control over your body. This situation completely changes when someone grabs your neck. The attacker can control your body if he is strong enough.

So you want to get rid of this anyhow. I'm going to share a video where it shows how to defend yourself against grabbing the neck from behind. You can watch this video to understand more about what we are talking about.

You can apply this self-defense technique that you watched in the video. He shows it very well. What if the attacker is big and stronger enough to pull you up grabbing your neck? Now you can easily guess the size and strength of the attacker.

You try to apply the technique, but that does not work. What's the problem? Well, size and strength matter in a fight. There is nothing wrong with the technique that you watched in the video. The attacker uses his strength and puts you in a vulnerable position, that's why you find it hard to defend yourself.

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Let's break it down and focus on what you can actually do in a situation like this. Here the problem is, you cannot see the attacker since he grabs your neck from behind. And you cannot do much from that position. Now move your leg back and turn to the side. You can see the attacker.

Grab the attacker's hand. You want to strike to the attacker's eyes, but unfortunately, you can barely touch the attacker's eyes. No matter how tall the attacker is, his legs are on the ground. You can hit the attacker's feet. He will be in pain, and that's the moment, you can move this hand away from your neck in case he still grabs your neck.

Then you can hit the attacker's groin, punch him or do palm strikes. And leave the place.

So what would you do in a situation like this? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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The first and fundamental thing is to stay calm, something that only practice and training will give you.

Then it is very difficult for someone to grab you with an outstretched hand, they will always try to make a lever with their arm and get you close to their body, there it would be easier to hit with a headbutt.

People usually get nervous, they might get freeze for the time being. If you stay calm and make your move quickly, you can get rid of that. It requires training and practice. Thank you @kraken99 for your feedback!

sometimes it's hard to defend your self from an attack from behind but if happen try to you mt elbow to break free

In a situation like this, safety for yourself always comes first, and then you can counter-attack.

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