What To Do Against Hand Lock

When your hand is locked, you are sort of trapped there. The attacker gets an opportunity and he exploits that to lock your hand. If you act fast when the attacker is going to lock your hand, you can release yourself before locking your hand.

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That's the best defense because the attacker's attempt is failed. So how about if the attacker has already locked your hand? Let's watch this video. Here your hand is locked and the attacker makes you bend your body. You can grab the attacker's neck and pull his leg to make the attacker fall on the ground like it showed in the video. And you can release yourself.

Again it depends on the attacker's skills and strength. If the attacker grounds himself properly and keeps his balance, your attempt might not be successful in the end. When the attacker is completely focused and aggressive, you have to take that into consideration before making your move.

While you are trying to grab the attacker's neck and pull his leg, he can put more pressure on your hand and make it difficult for you to do anything. By the way, if that's a fight for show-off, you should not get involved in it in the first place. In case the attacker wants to prove that he is better than you are, tell him he is better and finish that over there.

If the attacker means hurt you pretty bad, that's something you have to take seriously. To defend yourself in this situation, you can distract him. You can hit his groin, even if you do not hit him hard, he will be distracted. That's the moment you can grab his neck, pull his leg to make him off balance.

You can release yourself from that lock. Then you can strike him and take action based on the situation. So what would you do if someone locks your hand? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you for reading this post. That's it for now. Stay safe. Always be happy!

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