Why Do You Practice In A Wide Stance?

A fighter usually stands in a fight stance to fight. The body moves to the side. When you are in front of someone who can attack you, you stand to the side so that you are not fully exposed. Then why do you practice punch and kicks in a wide stance (in a straight line)?

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There are different stances in martial arts. You usually practice different moves in a wide stance, later you practice those moves in a fight stance. When you learn any new move, your complete focus should be making it right.

So you learn to do block, parry, punch, and kick in a wide stance as a beginner. I'm sure you remember how you started learning to write. You move your hands slowly. There are notebooks with straight lines and you use that to write as a kid. You practice writing regularly. You have work home.

You use a pencil instead of a pen. You are slowly getting better at writing. Now you do not use those notebooks to write. Up to a specific stage, you practice your writings that way. When you practice a martial art, you also learn different moves. And you usually do that in a wide stance. Later, you practice those moves in a fighting stance.

When you practice a move enough time, you will get used to it. Then you can make that move without thinking about it. In a fight, you have to act very fast. You have to respond and make your move quickly. You will not have enough time to think. You need to make your move spontaneously. That's why there is no alternative to practicing.

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😊Thank you for the great tips. You must be a very good teacher. I really wish to learn martial art but at most time I'm scared of impacts from kick or blows because you never can tell the direction the kick is coming next from.

You cannot predict what is coming unless you see the sign or little move that helps you understand what the attacker is going to do. Thank you for taking the time to read this post and giving your feedback.

Have a great day, @daniky!

yes that's true. Thank you for the feedback and have a remarkable day @rezoanulvibes

Thanks for this tips, always tactical.
I found your posts interesting so don't mind me if I comment always 😉.
I hope I don't get into a fight one day because I might be confused of what approach to attack with.

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