Will You Kick In A Fight? Why and Why Not?

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When you kick, you expect to hit your opponent, and he is supposed to get hurt. Does it always happen in a fight? It can be embarrassing that you kick in a fight, and you get hurt on your leg. When you get injured by doing a kick, you might think twice next time to kick in a fight.

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Your opponent will try to defend your kick. He might block that kick in such a way that you end up getting hurt. Or, when you do a high kick, you hit your opponent's elbow, you know what you happen then. Even when you do low kicks, hit your opponent's shin, not only your opponent but also you will get hurt. There is no point in kicking your opponent and end up getting hurt.

If this is a fight for self-defense and you get hurt this way, you cannot stand properly after getting hurt. That would be an opportunity for your attacker to attack you more. As a result, you will be in a vulnerable position.

So what would you do then? Will you never kick in a fight?

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If you have no training, don't just kick and think you will make some damage. You might only damage your legs. It requires training and confidence to kick in a fight. If you are trained and you know what you are doing, you can kick effectively.

You know how to kick and where to hit. In a fight for self-defense, you will avoid doing spinning kick, flying kick, or some fancy kicks. Stick to the basic kicks and adapt to the attacker's moves. When you are fast, good at footwork, and maintain the distance, you can do better with your strikes.

Do you see people getting hurt while kicking? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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Like you said, it depends on your skill level. If you can land a kick in a vital area, it will bode well for you. However, if you make only a glancing blow or miss completely, all you've done is sap your own stamina most likely taken yourself off balance. That being said, if you have proper training, you won't lose balance. I kick, but more often I let you come in close and I handle you from there with joint locks and an empee or two.

I agree with you. When you know what you are doing and it's like second nature to you because of your training, you can use that effectively in a fight. Thank you very much @nathanpieters for your feedback! I appreciate that!

It's like playing chess. You have to play your game and know your opponent's flow of the game.

When you know your opponent, it would be easier to deal with him. Thank you @korver for your comment!