Will You Put Your Head Down?

When you are scared, you try to run away. You do not like to face it. You see that someone is going to attack you. You are scared, so you put your head down and wish nothing would happen. Will it do any good?

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You only make it easy for the attacker to hit you. You will be an easy target. When the attacker sees that you are scared, he will be more aggressive to strike you. Since you put your head down, you basically do not see what the attacker is doing. So the attacker can strike and hit you, and there is nothing you can do to defend yourself.

If you do not put your head down but only turn your head because you do not want to see the attacker. Again, you are defenseless and you give the attacker another chance to attack you. If you turn, make enough distance and get out of there, that's exceptional.

But when you are in the attacking range, don't put your head down or turn your head. You have to face it. Look at the attacker. When you see the attacker, you are in a better position to protect yourself. Now you can at least do something to defend against any strike.

If you have something that you can use as an improvised weapon, you can use that. For example, your umbrella, book, bag, or pen can be used to make some barrier or strike the attacker as a defense.

When you turn and face the attacker, you are not an easy target anymore. The attacker might change his mind and get out of there.

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Thanks so much for staying consistent in teaching self defense tips. Really helpful.

Thank you for reading the post and your feedback! Appreciate that!