Splinterland's Weekly Challenge: Defender of Truth.

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This week's Splinterland's weekly challenge figured defender of the truth. I like this wpic card because it provide 2 armors to all the friendly/team monster.

Defender of Truth.png

When I get ruleset of new heal , then +2 Armor with Defender of the truth, coupled with ArmorSmith it really become a nice combination.


So , Tyrus Paladium give +1 armor added by +2 armor by Defender of truth, this really make a mice armor for my team.

My Team in order: Tyrus Paladium(Summoner), Silvershield Paladin,Furious chicken, Defender of truth, Divine Sorceress ,Armor Smith and Silver Shield Archer.

Opponent team in order: Malric Inferno(Summoner), Goblin Mech, Giant Roc, Creeping ooze and Furious Chicken.

Let's move to the Battle.


Team with all monster and summoner abilities in effect.


Look like there is no casualty on any side but Opponent tank lost half of this health.


End of Round 2 ,look like battle is alrea turned in my favor, I already won this battle in round 3.

Battle id

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With no reflect from your opponent and plenty of shields on your part, that worked out nicely!

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yeah! Didn't received a single loss though opponent have higher level of Summoner.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

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Thanks for sharing!

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