Picturing MLB Pitching

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More data rolled in over the weekend, and my MLB excel spreadheet was begging for some updates. My Brewers even pulled off a few wins; look out, World Series bound? Of course not, but a win is a win, you know?

I did ok over the weekend with my new strategy. My results over the past three days, as promised, per the Main Slates:

  • Friday : 50/50 : Win, GPP : Win, 178.7 pts scored
  • Saturday : 50/50 : Loss, GPP : Loss, 111 pts scored
  • Sunday : 50/50 Loss, GPP : Loss, 89.7 pts scored

Not promising! Still, three days of entertainment, and I'm up +$1 USD. Hooray! That's an 11% return in three days on a $9 USD investment.

Getting back to MLB pitchers, which is again the bedrock of my daily team generation, I updated three matrices for myself.


So tonight, I will be analyzing potential starters based on the following attributes:

  • A FIP less than 3.46 (fielding independent pitching)
  • A K/9 greater than 8.98 K's / 9
  • GB% (ground ball rate) >42.71%

That's the start...and then I'll take a look at Vegas overunders to finalize. Using statistics to make decisions...I mean, how much more exciting does it get than this?????

The other chart I wanted to share today was a hitter points earned chart. I'll be digging into this one more this week, but if you look at the data below:


At a high level, this helps me pick hitters, as I concentrate on hitters in MLB lineups that are in spots 1-5; this makes sense, as MLB managers should be putting their better hitters in the top of the order in order to generate more runs. Also, more plate appearances, per game, potentially create more points earned for the DFS player. I'll start running more data points on this too, going forward.

As I said, I'll dig into this a bit more this week. Thanks for checking this out, and go Brewers. They have a big match up tonight against the Padres and Blake Snell. I'll be watching tonight, most certainly. More data to come this week too.


Data has been proven to work on this type of stuff so I hope it works out for you.

Thanks, I plan to document the journey here on Hive for fun. I love my statistics, baseball or otherwise...we'll see! thanks again for the comment!

Sabermetrics are great. Glad to see baseball fans on Hive!

thanks, I'm enjoying posting this stuff on here . I love baseball, but if i can make a buck or two and help others enjoy the game, I'm all for it.