A note on migration of sports talk to hive blockchain

in SportsTalkSocial •  2 months ago 

It's a time for excitement. It's time for a much waited anticipated move from sports talk.

Many people along with tribe are now shifting from steem block chain to hive blockchain and Judy some days for #sportstalksocial to migrate from steem to hive.

If you want more information on this, then please read the below article from @sportstalksocial

So from April 1st we can expect the migration to hive blockchain.

Also I have reached almost 1 million sports token and expecting to reach exact at that position soon.

Here is the screenshotScreenshot_2020-03-28-18-16-46-811_com.android.chrome.png

Now a days for to corona, most of these sports events had been cancelled and hence there no of post here also getting reduced.

But I hope after adopting the hive blockchain, more blogger will get motivated to post here and that will anyway will give a positive result to the platform.

At the end I wish you all a safe and secure life. Also please be cousious during the corona threat.

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