5 Reasons To Train In The Martial Arts in 2021

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It is an understatement to say that a lot of uncontrollable events happened in 2020. The year was very unpredictable. The Coronavirus pandemic forced billions of people around the world indoors. Millions more succumbed to the virus and died. The results of the lockdown were almost as bad as the virus itself. The economy nosedived, millions lost their jobs, and mental-illness turned into a personal battle for a lot of people. But like all things, 2020 has come to an end. Coronavirus will come to an end too. In 2021 we have an opportunity to turn things around. If not for the world, at least for ourselves. In this post I am going to list 5 reasons why you should train in the martial arts in 2021.

#1 Martial Arts Keeps You Healthy
A lot of people want to do martial arts so they can kick-ass. As a matter of fact, the best reason to train is to stay healthy. The pandemic showed us how vulnerable we are when we let your physical and mental health decline. Martial arts training can help you achieve several different health goals. They can help you lose weight, build strength, increase flexibility, and gain endurance.

#2 Martial Arts Training Builds Friendships
The lockdown isolated people across the globe. The full societal impact of the lockdown has yet to hit home. When you join a martial arts club, you will meet people with similar goals and interests. This naturally leads to friendships. As you get older it tends to get harder to make friends. It’s even harder to make friends who encourage you to be your best. When you make the martial arts your lifestyle you will meet people who will push you to be your very best.

#3 The Martial Arts Build Discipline
If you’ve ever had trouble following through with a goal, like sticking to a New Year’s Resolution, then you should learn martial arts. One benefit the martial arts is there’s usually a curriculum to follow. The curriculum gives you a clear path of progression. It’s a carrot and stick method for motivation, and it works. For example, if you join a jiujitsu club and start rolling with other students, you’ll quickly realize how much better the blue belts are than you. This gives you motivation to keep training and achieve your blue belt, then the next belt, and so on.

#4 You Will Learn How To Defend Yourself
It is a gift knowing you can defend yourself. A realistic martial art system that includes physical conditioning, sparring and grappling is generally the best for self-defense.

#5 You Will Have A Reason To Leave The House
Inactivity and isolation are two major causes of depression. When martial arts clubs and gyms open for good, they can give you a reason to get out of the house. Training with a group of friends will help you shake the blues.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the matter of martial arts. I have two boys a 3.5-year-old and a 2-year-old. I told my older son to some karate classes when he was three so he could watch. It turned out that he just wasn't mature enough to follow instructions. He was too shy. We intend on bringing him back now that he's almost 4 to get tested again. I believe in the discipline it can bring. He definitely seemed like he enjoyed it while he was there.

I'm glad you found the post useful! 4 is a good age to start. I would say 3 is a little young for most kids. A lot of it depends on how good the teacher is with young kids too. Good luck!

Martial arts definitely helps people stay healthy both mentally and physically which is highly important these days.

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