Prediction: Lazio ? - ? SSC Napoli

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I was staking on some matches today and I see a dicey game that I like to share some thoughts on. I did not stake on it because I find it hard to decide the match. SSC Napoli is obviously having a good season. They are currently on number 5 on the table with less down 7 points behind the table leader, AC Milan.

Lazio are also coming up with 5 points behind Napoli. These teams have the capacity to beat each other and it is pretty hard to predict the winner, especially now that small teams are shocking the world by beating many big teams. So, this is simply for fun. I will give 1000 sports token to the first person that give the right prediction on this post.


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Napoli 1-3 Lazio. Napoli is missing important players.

Not bad. 500 sports for you!

Nice, Thank you.