Colby Covington wants to fight.... LeBron James?

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Of course this is all just Twitter nonsense but I do find it a bit amusing that Colby would do this. His antics are not something I am actually happy got him to the top spot, but unlike some of the other fighters with big mouths, at least he has the decency to be an exceptional fighter and not just someone with great microphone and trash-talking abilities.


The reason why any of this is even being talked about is because of the fight just before the main event in the Tyson vs. Jones Jr pay-per-view that happened over the weekend. Jake Paul has had a bit of a feud with ex NBA player Nate Robinson and they decided to settle the beef in the ring. While the fight was sloppy and appeared very unprofessional (neither of these two guys are going anywhere outside of celebrity boxing exhibitions) it was obvious that Jake Paul has actually trained in boxing and after several knockdowns he was KO'd cold by a hard shot from Jake Paul.


This was a very serious KO and there was some level of concern on the part of the medical staff as they struggled to revive him enough so that he could even sit up.

Colby Covington, who has no love for NBA players wasn't quick on the draw but Tweeted it out after the fight.

"Heard they finally scraped Nate Robinson's carcass off the Staples Center floor. I'd make LeBron James eat the canvas in half the amount of time. Everyone knows current NBA players are the softest and most privileged athletes on the planet."

Now LeBron hasn't replied to this and honestly, he really shouldn't unless he is going to challenge Colby Covington to a gave of one-on-one basketball. Jake Paul isn't even a good fighter and look what he did to Robinson. If LeBron were to accept an exhibition fight of any sort against Colby Covington he would definitely not last more than a minute or two. The same could be said for anyone else that is in the NBA. It is ludicrous that any NBA player would even consider such an offer and I am very sure that they are very aware of the fact that Covington, who is ranked number 1 in his division, would make very quick work of anyone in the NBA roster including and especially LeBron James, who Covington seems to have a personal beef with due to James' outspoken support of BLM.

James has responded in the past indicating that he is not afraid of Covington but despite the fact that LeBron is 250 lbs and 6 foot 9 this really wouldn't matter a great deal in a fight with one of the best in the world. An experienced flyweight would make quick work of an NBA player with the first leg kick - just because you are big and tall doesn't mean you are going to be able to handle your own in the ring, or the octagon.

We all know that this "fight" is never going to happen and is just some silly Twitter garbage, but it is fun to watch it unfold. I'm looking forward to LeBron's reply.