Geoff Neal loses badly to Wonderboy, immediately starts making excuses

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I'm not trying to say that the reasons behind his loss are not legitimate but it seems as though Neal is looking for sympathy after getting absolutely battered by Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson for 5 round that resulted in a unanimous 50-45 decision victory for Thompson.

In my mind, there is no shame in losing to a guy that is continually a consideration for a run at the belt and this is compounded by the fact that he is one of the few people to ever defeat Jorge Masvidal - who we are all trying to forget is the current holder of the BMF belt that I sincerely hope that Dana White is going to just sweep under the rug since it was a stupid idea to begin with.

Anyway, yesterday's fight was one that I think White and the top brass at UFC thought was going to turn out very different than it did. Every now and then there are fighters that White appears to be grooming for top contender and arranges fights for said fighter that they are meant to win. Wonderboy showed the world that he still has plenty left to offer the Welterweight division

Geoff Neal looked out of his element and I think he realizes this. The only reason he wasn't KO'd is because Thompson rarely KO's his opponents but instead goes for the long game.


Instead of taking the loss like a true competitor and admitting that he was outclassed and need to go back to the drawing board, instead, Neal started making excuses for the loss that were beyond his control and while there might be some people out there that sympathize with this sort of talk, I am not one of them.


I remember a long time ago when one of the legends of fighting Mike Tyson had a less-than-perfect performance that resulted in a loss and he said in an interview that "I have a broken back because yesterday I did 100,000 situps." The entire boxing world shook their head in disappointment since a person would have to do more than 1 situp per second for 24 hours straight and then do 14,000 inbetween those seconds for this to even be possible- because it isn't. Mike was making excuses and it only made him look bad as a consequence.

Geoff Neal's excuses are quite that juvenile but the fact that he made any excuses at all says a lot about his professionalism in my book.

“So much adversity leading up to this fight. Sepsis, congestive heart failure, three of my corners testing positive for covid...but I still made that walk and fought that fight. Couldn’t see out of my right eye for four rounds and still managed to hang in there"

Now one of three things happened here: Either these claims (other than the covid ones, which can be confirmed) are completely made up, Geoff Neal hid them from the UFC, or the UFC is potentially endangering the lives of their fighters by allowing them in the ring when they have such ailments. I am quite certain Dana will claim that he knew nothing of it and I am more inclined to believe him than a guy that is trying to save face after a rather embarrassing loss.


Sepsis and congestive heart failure are life-threatening ailments to people who are not about to have a fist-fight for 25 minutes in a row and this kind of leads me to believe that his is making it up. Either way, he looked bad in the ring and I really don't think that this post-fight IG nonsense is going to help anything. He may actually be pissing off the big guy (Dana White) by making such comments because the news is already attacking White over this despite the fact that there is no proof of the allegations being true.

If I were Neal, I would delete the IG post and pretend it never happened. There is no quicker way to end your career than to get under the skin of the guy who is in charge of it all.