Huge upset results in $25,000 loss for one gambler

The name of the person isn't revealed but it seems as though someone was "playing it safe at the bookies" and went for what appears to be a sure thing on a women's UFC fight and the gambler lost, big time.

When you see massive differences in the odds between two fighters you can be assured that like most things in gambling, the casinos and bookmakers know what they are doing... these odds change as time goes by after all and it is all but mathematically impossible that the bookies are actually going to lose. There is a reason why those numbers say what they do.

So when you see a bout that has one fighter at +800 (meaning that if you bet $100 you will win $800 if you were correct) and you see the person they are up against at -1429 (meaning you have to bet $1429 to win $100) there is a really good chance that the person with the minus next to their name is almost certainly going to win.

It isn't always the case though and while it is very rare for upsets of this magnitude we need to remember that in combat sports, all it takes is one lucky punch to turn a favorite into a loser immediately.


Mariya Agapova (pictured above on left) is a rising star in the flyweight division on the women's side. Shana Dobson (pictured above on right) was well on her way to having her contract not renewed after dropping her last 3 fights and with an overall record of 3-4.

Agapova on the other hand is was on a 3 fight win streak and had finished 7 of her 9 victories in a commanding fashion either by submission or KO. She is also from Kazakhstan, which is something I think people just like to see ever since Borat was popularized.

This fight on paper looks like a complete mismatch and likely wouldn't have happened at all if Agapova hadn't called out Dobson specifically. Why she did so remains a mystery to me and I would be willing to bet that she is now regretting that decision as the wind in her sails has been truly crushed because of this shocking loss.

That being said, upsets are something that simply happens in MMA and you never know when someone is going to pull it off because you don't make it to this level by NOT having the ability to crush someone with strikes.


Some might say that Agapova actually lost this fight for herself as in round one she simply swarmed her opponent and expended a tremendous amount of energy trying to finish Dobson in the early stages. This didn't bode well for her in round 2, where she looked completely gassed and after receiving something like 40 strikes to the head without defending on the ground the referee called the match.

It didn't bode well for some people that had nothing to do with the actual fight either.

No one other than the guy who placed a $25,000 bet with SuperBookSports on "sure thing" Agapova that is.

This massive bet of his (or hers) would have paid out a paltry $1775 if he had won and that my friends is just the way that the gambling world works. I certainly hope that whoever this person is that he or she didn't refinance the house to be able to wager this bet and if they have a partner in life, I would imagine that they are in a lot of trouble tonight.

I wager of fights every now and then but it is only like $10 per fight just to make things interesting. This gambler is on a whole different level betting about half my annual salary on something that was over in 7 minutes.

I would say i feel bad for the guy but sometimes this is just the way the cookie crumbles.


i lost 100 bucks one day in a casino at a blackjack table. That's about as much as I am willing to gamble. 25 large on one fight, could just be someone really rich.

I used to gamble 5 or 10 bucks a game online for football games but 25K? That's outrageous. Of course it could be some sort of multi millionare and to him 25k is the same as 10 dollars is to me