McGregor memes are blowing up the internet

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Conor McGregor deserves any criticism that heads his way if you ask me. He has bullied and trash-talked just about everyone in the game and even some that weren't involved in MMA such as when he decided to punch an old man at a pub that didn't want a shot of his whiskey brand. He would troll WWE fighters 4 times his size on Twitter, he attacked a bus doing a press show in NYC and ended up getting arrested and charged because of it. He's been an asshole for many years to just about everyone, so when the internet decides to mock him for his recent fall from grace. I'm all for it.

I would feel bad if this was happening to just about any other fighter, which it almost certainly would since the internet doesn't really care if you deserve ridicule or not - but in this case just like Dustin Poirier said "Karma isn't a bitch, it's a mirror." I think.... I'm still not sure what that means.


At some point in the not-too-distant future, Conor is going to have to get some wins and pay the checks that his mouth is writing. He was able to get away with it in the past, but these days he has been less than impressive in the octagon with a lot of other fighters saying that he no longer deserves to be in the top 10 or even top 15.


But then we have to look at what this, and every other professional sport other than the WNBA is actually all about: Making money. At the end of the day these leagues wouldn't exist if they were not profitable for the owners and if Dana White can continue to "milk this cow" like the above poster suggests, you can be guaranteed that he will do exactly that. Love him or hate him, McGregor still pulls in PPV's and demands ticket prices like no one else does. Poirier, even after defeating Conor twice in a row in rather convincing style, can't demand that sort of audience. He just doesn't have the star power.


When Conor got KO'd earlier this year by Poirier, the internet was very quick to make a lot of "Conor Sleepy" images and I don't know why Bernie Sanders got thrown in the images with him.


In their most recent bout, the leg break of course is what ended the fight but if you were watching it, you know that Dustin was dominating the fight and except for a brief moment where it looked like Conor might have had a chance at a choke, there was no point where it looked like McGregor had the upper hand.


It is ok to laugh at Conor's fall from grace because if the shoe was on the other foot, you can be guaranteed that these images would be coming out about Poirier and they would probably be re-Tweeted by McGregor himself. He has remained quite quiet with his trash talking lately but I would imagine that this is temporary.


It's gonna be a very long time before we see McGregor again. It's gonna be at least 6-10 weeks before his leg operation heals and by then he will have a long road to go down in order to get back in shape.


In the meantime, I think it is perfectly fine that we have a little bit of fun at Conor's expense because lord knows he's done it plenty to other people over the past 10 years.

I would imagine that Conor's hundreds of millions in the bank can probably help him to feel a bit better. He is still the richest UFC fighter of all time by FAR!


Echt al die memes die over hem gemaakt worden op internet zorgen ervoor dat ik even moet lachen, mijn twitter is zo van ik ga een stukje naar beneden en het is een meme over deze man en na nog twee posts is het weer een andere en ga zo maar door, ik ga gewoon even op twitter of facebook om hem uit te lachen. Zoals je zegt, hij verdiende wat hem overkwam, hij heeft veel slechte dingen gedaan en jij hebt er verschillende gezegd. Maar haha het maakt me echt aan het lachen, maar het gevecht maakte me niet aan het lachen, het deed me gewoon huiveren toen ik zijn been zo zag xd maar goed bro, hij verdient het.

Yeah the Conor memes are popping up all over the place and sometimes they end up in forums where half of the people aren't even aware of what happened because they are not fans. Most people know who McGregor is even if they don't watch the sport though.

I agree that the break was difficult to watch in slow motion. It shows how tough the dude is that he just sat down and leaned against the fence and barely even registered that he had basically just lost his foot.

No, he's still trash talking. He said that it was already broken, which reminds me of a child trying to convince his mom they didn't break something in the house. I just hope Alex Smith didn't watch the fight.

I think the best thing that Conor could do right now i just shut up and focus on actually being good when he finally does come back. I think it is going to be a really tough battle for him to do so since I don't think anyone has ever suffered and injury like this and then come back as good as they were before, let alone better. It could be the beginning of the end for Conor.