MLB gets involved in politics again - is this a bad idea?

When BLM was invading all sports I was getting annoyed. I don't really care about people kneeling for the national anthem even though I do think it is disrespectful especially when the people who are claiming to be repressed are all wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and still complaining that the "system keeps them down."

Major League Baseball went even further to kind of annoy their potential viewers by putting logos on the field and making it a major part of their broadcast.


I thought it was a wildly stupid idea for sports to get involved in this political movement (and face it folks, it is a political movement and is being used for votes, this is not going to accomplish anything as far as civil rights are concerned and I don't think it was ever meant to.) I didn't really bother me because these guys can do whatever they want, but the way in which it was so all encompassing was starting to get a bit annoying and it being all over the place in all sports was just starting to make it all lose any sort of meaning.

I am not the kind of person to boycott a sport that I like and have enjoyed for a long period of time but when you have a hot-button topic like BLM that is going to piss off a lot of people if you decided to make a public standpoint on it, you need to be prepared for the fact that some fans actually WILL walk away from the sport and perhaps do so for good. They might tell their children and friends to not get involved with the sport and while this person is not me, I do know a great many people that definitely would take this sort of stance.

Various publications will come to some sort of conclusion based on their own political stance but the fact of the matter was that the World Series viewership numbers were down 32% from previous years. The regular season games, even more so.


Obviously the lack of fans in the stands was already hurting the teams bottom line from a financial point of view so was this really a great time for MLB to get involved in something that has potential to chase away fans? I don't think that it was. Also, baseball is one of the USA sports that I am least likely to watch so it didn't really matter to me anyway.

Today we see MLB getting involved in politics again as they have decided to move the All Star game to another state because Georgia has made changes to their voting rules. I don't know the specifics of the voting changes but I think it involves showing some sort of ID when you vote - which to me seems perfectly reasonable. I don't want to get into the political side of things here but I think that once again, MLB maybe should have sat this one out. Nobody was going to blame MLB if they just shut up and played the sport, but now that they have opened their mouth, they are a player in the political game and the way that things are so heated politically right now, this makes very little sense from a business standpoint.


Now ex-President Trump is calling for a boycott of baseball. This man has a lot of a very dedicated fans and a lot of them are going to listen to him so there you go MLB... that's 75 million potentially lost customers. Still think it is a good idea to get involved in politics?

I think you should play your damn sport and leave the politics to the politicians


Race, religion and politics have no place in sports yet that is what we get most of the time. The problem is the sports bodies allow too much interference as it is normally around some financial gain.

free publicity I guess. I generally don't really like baseball but them getting involved in this sort of thing makes me want to try to get involved even less. There will be some sort of backlash the likes of which the NBA has already faced and backed away from. They are already trying to help us to forget how they went all in on the BLM thing.

of course they do as do all others, but this and any other political movement doesn't belong on the field.