Players are trying to bring BLM to college football: Teams respond

Is there anyone that is not yet sick of the complete saturation of "Black Lives Matter" getting thrown into sports? Polls show that while the movement had some steam at the beginning as well as the support of most Americans polled, that is quickly changing due to riots, constant lies from the media about said riots, and the way that this has infiltrated the NBA, MLB, and NFL. The not standing for the national anthem and the insane attempt on the part of ESPN to become not just a sports network but also a source of political advice has fans tilting the other direction:

The people are fed up with being lectured. "We get it ok? Now shut up and play your sports that you get paid millions of dollars to play" seems to be the sentiment of most fans out there right now.


Players from the Pac-12 formed a sort of alliance that made a list of demands from the NCAA or the players are going to sit out the season. Most of it is racially-oriented but inside of the list of demands is what the entire thing is really all about: Money, they want money. College players are NOT ALLOWED to be compensated for playing college sports: period. This is meant to encourage fairness in recruiting because if they were allowed to be paid, the rich schools would get all of the best players are remain dominant the way in which the same 4 teams or so always win the world's biggest soccer leagues.

The list also hides the demand for money behind claims of Covid fears, which in my mind is particularly ludicrous because the NCAA already has an "opt out" program that guarantees that the players can NOT be cut for refusing to play in 2020 based on fears of the virus.

One particularly stupid demand that the group makes is this

"we are being asked to play college sports in a pandemic in a system without enforced health and safety standards"

What a load of absolute garbage: 1, NO ONE is being "forced" to play. Anyone who has a medical or even psychological fear of the virus can opt out of the season with impunity and 2, The NCAA has MASSIVE health and safety protocols in place in order for the seasons to happen.


The statement made by the #weareunited (which must really piss of Man United for taking their slogan and making it racial) doesn't address the fact that nearly ever single player on these teams was delighted at a chance to play ball in exchange for free EVERYTHING at the university they happen to be attending. The average cost of attending a university in the United States can vary dramatically, but attending Stanford, which is one of the schools involved in this movement, is over $50,000 per year, this is just tuition and does not include room and board, books, and day-to-day expenses, all of which are covered by scholarships.

The median house price in Stanford, California is over 2 million dollars, therefore it is easy to assume that rentals would be really expensive as well. I am just pulling numbers out of the sky here but I don't think it would be unreasonable to assume that a year of simply "living" in Stanford, California would cost a person $20,000. Therefore, these "uncompensated" athletes are pulling down around $70,000 per year, which is $17,000 per year ABOVE the median household income of everyone in the United States.

And these people who are complaining, at this point in their lives have no marketable skills other than playing football.

Some of the schools have responded harshly, telling the students that they will lose their scholarship if they join this group and they will be removed from their respective teams. They will still be able to attend the school until the end of the year but then their scholarships will be revoked for violating the terms of the contract.

I sincerely hope that they stick by this because the last thing we need is for politics and social-justice movements to infiltrate college sports as well.

Guys! Most of you are under 20 years old and you are in a roundabout way making more money that people 20 or 30 years older than you. Why not just enjoy this time of your lives and make the best of it? Do you realize how many people out there would absolutely love to be in your position?


good grief. As if this hadn't invaded enough of everything already. I hope the colleges hold their ground.

The only bastion of sports remaining untainted with political divide. I'm am extremely hopeful that the coaches and the NCAA have the balls to shut this down.

It seems as though they have done so, so far at least.