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RE: Bizarre sporting injuries not sustained on pitch

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I sometimes "sleep wrong" and put myself out of commission for multiple days because of that. I also know someone that broke their ankle by stepping on a curb at a funny angle. There are many dangers out there, that's for sure.


I reckon sleeping or sitting in a strange position must be one of the most common ways of hurting yourself. I've got terrible posture and I'm sure it'll catch up with me one day!

Whenever I hear a story about someone breaking bones like that it makes me squeamish.

I used to play football with a guy who broke both his heels while on holiday in Spain. He was walking back to his hotel room at night after a couple of drinks (maybe more) and decided to take a little stroll on the beach. In order to do so he jumped off what he thought was about a 2 foot drop down from the promenade onto the sand but what actually turned out to be more like a 15-foot sea wall. He spent the remainder of his holiday with plaster cast up both legs and he didn't play football again for a year...