Super Bowl streaker: The story goes a bit deeper than just some guy looking for attention

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The Super Bowl was briefly interrupted as a streaker ran on to the field late in the game. He was of course immediately removed and thankfully was wearing clothes.

This is my favorite shot of the incident, because I don't think that dude in the back could catch a lawn mower

The man in question is named Yuri Andrade and he went on the field wearing and advertisement for a porn site that I can confirm does exist (lol). He didn't last long on the field and from what I could see he didn't even touch any of the players and none of them touched him. I think it could be a very big mistake to attack a football player and even though this guy looks to be in decent shape, he would get laid out by a kicker probably.

The story around him goes well beyond just the money he was likely paid by Vitaly Uncensored to wear that absurd outfit, but because there was gambling involved since you can gamble on just about anything.

The plan probably would have worked if Yuri had just kept his mouth shut but just like most people who seek this sort of attention, he ran his mouth and now his master plan has fallen apart.

The deal was that he had some friends arrange bets on certain websites that will take bets on silly things like the coin toss result, how long the national anthem lasts in an over / under sense, and of course, whether or not there is a streaker than hits the filed during the game.

He claimed in an interview after the fact that he had placed a $50,000 bet that a streaker would be on the field during the game, a bet that would result in a payout of nearly $400,000. That is, of course, once the sportsbooks find that it was actually you that placed the bets.

This guy was so stupid in his few minutes of fame that he even named the specific sites that his friends had placed the bets on, thus resulting in said site to immediately investigate anyone who placed a bet on there being a streaker on the field and whether or not they have any association with Andrade.

almost got him!

The websites in question have also refunded any bets that were made where they had bet that there would "not be a streaker." I would imagine such bets will be removed or at least have very low limits in the future because this sort of thing will only happen more frequently in the future if people realize they can rig the system in order to make a bunch of money.

So not only does most of the world think this guy is an asshat for his antics, but he also got arrested, will face trial and almost certainly simply a fine, but now he isn't going to get any of his bets paid out either. All because he just had to run his mouth to the press.

The conspiracy theory guy in me thinks that the bets never actually happened and that he was simply paid by the gambling sites in question to name them in an interview to direct more traffic to their site. Since there is not bet directly linked to the actual streaker (as far as we have been told by the press) he still may have made out with a bunch of money.

The stupid shit people will do for a payday, huh?


Lol this is so funny I can't stop laughing. You may have a point though because a guy who actually placed such bet wouldn't be that dump enough to spit out the motive behind the display, it's just too fishy.

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I Appreciate It :)

It's certainly a first as far as I know. I was unaware that you could bet on something like this.

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The conspiracy theory guy in me thinks that the bets never actually happened and that he was simply paid by the gambling sites in question to name them in an interview to direct more traffic to their site

You are probably right about that

It does seem likely but then again he could just be a very dumb criminal.


I think you could be right about him never having the bet because the casino he mentions does get talked about a lot now (well, not by me, but sports media) and there are so many online casinos that this might have happened without streaker's help.

The lengths businesses will go to for exposure. I suppose since all media has basically become one huge tabloid mess this is one way to get free advertising!

I barely even noticed that this happened. The cameras cut away from the guy, perhaps because of what he was wearing. It was kind of funny though. I'm surprised the internet Karens didn't get all over his case for not having a mask on.

I didn't even realize that until how. He must not care about the fact that he is being a super-spreader!